Monday, July 7, 2014

5 for Rebuilding

  1. No matter the rubble I WILL rebuild (Nehemiah 4;2)
  2. No matter the ridicule, I WILL rebuild (Nehemiah 4:1)
  3. No matter the resources, I WILL rebuild (Nehemiah 4:2)
  4. No Matter the ruins, I WILL rebuild (Nehemiah 2:13)
  5. No matter ! HE REBUILDS, RESTORES, and REDEEMS ME for the task of building a place of sanctuary and hope for His people. I CANNOT FAIL!

“Oh listen to us, dear God. We’re so despised ...  don’t forgive their iniquity, don’t wipe away their sin—they’ve insulted the builders!”
We kept at it, repairing and rebuilding the wall. The whole wall was soon joined together and halfway to its intended height because the people had a heart for the work.

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